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09 February, 2007

End of an Era

Hi. So I know that it's been forever since I last posted. And yeah, I've been busy. And yeah, I have tried in the meantime to write a post about hydrogen fuel cells. I am still trying to get that one together - the technology is much more complicated (physics - what?) than some of the other things I've written about here.

And, also, I feel a little bit like this blog has served the purpose that produced it last fall. I was bored. I wanted a reason to keep thinking and learning about energy and environmental issues. This sounds kind of hokey, but I also sort of wanted to put out a call to the universe to help me out - like, I'm putting this out there, universe! This is what I care about! This is where I am directing my energy, see? What do you think of that, universe? So I made the first move, through this blog, and the universe sort of did the rest.

It was through a conversation about the blog post on Nigeria, telecom and biodiesel that I ended up with a shot at my dream job. And now, somehow, I've got that job and I'm starting it on the 20th. I give a lot of credit to this little holler at the world's energy field for getting me here.

So, this isn't a normal post, and I'm warning you that I'm about to get philosophical and give some really vague advice that will probably make you angry some day. Don't keep your passion under your hat. The universe can't see it there. The Methodist God can't bless wine if the cork's still in the bottle and the universe won't know you care unless you put it out there. It's a different take on alternative energy, I guess, but it's all dominos. Do your thing - they'll tumble around you like they ought to.